Look at this huge picture of me! What a handsome guy.

About Me

Making games has been a joy of mine for over ten years; I started in middle school, and I haven't stopped since. In college, I served as Vice President of the Student Game Developers Club, and I was a member of the Game Design Research Group. My senior thesis analyzed the process through which games affect player behavior, and for my capstone project, I led a team of students developing an educational game designed to encourage critical reading. Through these projects, games became a cornerstone of my college career.

In addition to schoolwork, I have made a variety of prototypes on the side: projects ranging from physical board games to games on the Oculus Rift.

When I'm not developing games, I enjoy translating Ancient Greek, learning about mythology, writing fiction stories, and fencing. I even go outside sometimes.

Contact: thomas.w.sparks@gmail.com

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