You are a robot and you’ve found yourself in a rather unfortunate position: standing on a never ending trail of disconnected, floating platforms between two deadly electrical barriers with nothing but a faulty battery and three special functions to help you survive. The deadly barriers are constantly moving to the right, and they seem to be getting faster! Survive for as long as possible by avoiding obstacles, picking up batteries, and regulating your charge (and speed) so that you stay on top of the platforms and between the two barriers.

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Source Code on GitHub

Technologies Used

C#, Monogame. GIMP for Artwork.

Development Context

Charge was created with a team of four during the Game Design course at The University of Virginia. The primary focus of the course was to develop a PC version of the game. In our free time, we also experimented with a mobile version.

My Role

I served the role of director for Charge, and created most of the artwork. Programming and design were divided between all four members. I also spearheaded our mobile development and handled much of the initial setup and design.


Thomas Sparks, Dan O'Connor, Sam Leonard, Adam Rosenberg


Throughout the Game Design Course, we created some documentation for Charge, including a design document and a set of storyboards