You've escaped from prison. Time to run! Drill through walls; traverse from room to room; collect gems; grab new, powerful abilities; and save fellow prisoners--all while being chased by an ever advancing army of guards. Keep moving, and don't get caught!

Retroverse is a fast paced, top-down action game with modes for both single player and co-op. While it can be played using a keyboard, an Xbox controller is recommended.

Retroverse was published on Desura, where it was downloaded over three thousand times. Desura has since been shut down, but Retroverse can still be downloaded from the Student Game Developers Website using the link below.

Download Here

Technologies Used


Development Context

Retroverse was developed through the Student Game Developers Club at the University of Virginia during the Fall of 2012 and the Spring of 2013. I joined the team of approximately seven students in the Spring semester.

My Role

Primarily, I worked on level design, creating over twenty different rooms. I also did some programming on the side, using this project as my introduction to C# and XNA.