In this fast paced, top-down, local multiplayer game, take control of a sphere and battle your friends for control of the viewport. Ram other players, grab pickups, and use the environment to your advantage as you try to survive the mayhem. The player that holds the camera controls the viewport. If you leave the screen, you're out! The last one standing wins!

Viewport is designed for 2-4 players and works best when played with Xbox controllers.

Download Here

Technologies Used

Unity, C#

Development Context

Viewport was created through the Student Game Developers Club at the University of Virginia during the Fall of 2015.

My Role

I was the director for Viewport. I wrote the initial design document and made a proof-of-concept prototype. I then pitched the idea to the club and assembled a team of approximately thirty students for the game's development. I divided the group into sub-teams: Programming (further divided into UI, Powerups & Arena Items, and Core), Level Designers, Artists, and Sound Designers, with leads for each category. I worked directly with the leads to ensure coordination across teams, and I helped mentor the group's newer members. When necessary, I served as a backup programmer to help ensure timely completion of tasks.


The initial design document for Viewport can be found here.